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Who We Are

Encanto (En-kaan-tow) is both a Spanish and Portuguese word that is beautiful, versatile, and has many meanings. The "Encanto" in Encanto Massage represents the "magic" of bodywork,  the "spell", and the "charm" it has on our mind and body.

Your time at Encanto Massage is not just a massage, it is an experience. Allow yourself the space to let go as we start each session with deep breathing and aromatherapy to ground both client and LMT. Haleigh incorporates hot towels into her sessions to invite those tense muscle to release, while adding an extra element of relaxation for the mind.

Each massage is catered to the individual clients needs. A massage can be calm, slow, and soothing like Hot Stone, or we can get into deeper work through trigger point therapy, and stretching. No matter the type of modalities we use, Encanto is a safe space for healing. 

Come Experience The Magic Of Massage.

Professional Massage Therapy
Cupping Therapy
Hand Massage
Misty Slopes
"Tension is who you think you should be.
Relaxation is who you are"

Chinese Proverb